Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kit #002 - musician, music lover art journal KIT! 4x6"

Find this kit here:  - price reduced! There are 7 altogether - 1 sold. - so check my shop.

 Making the world lovelier, one image at a time ...

Kit for making a music journal - using pages from a vintage book on Beethoven. Perfect for any music lover. Be inspired by this wonderful musician. I started it - you finish it! 4x6" (handy size!) Unique, OOAK. There will only be 7 kits offered in this series.
I usually make almost complete journals, but this is one to work on, and make your own. FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.A.

The kit (#2) includes:
* Two 6" x 4.5" chipboard (acid-free) covers (paste favorite images or music pages, or paint on these to finish).
* One of my favorite images - female violinist on music background - printed high quality photo matte paper for cover (if desired).
* 38 pages sized 6" x 4" - cut by hand (I like a hand-made look, so imperfections exist, to add character) - from pages of a vintage (1970s) book on Beethoven. NOTE: the images are partial papers, so they do NOT 'stand alone' they are meant for inspiration and feature some of Beethoven's music, handwriting, etc. They are meant to be used for altering, not read. Decorate, add stickers, add your own text, to make the journal 'yours'.
* 15 pages (approx.) from book, as above - but with added elements - musical or romantic roses or images to 'alter' the look of these pages, for inspiration, and for you to add your own decoration or writing. Some images are not on book pages, but on plain paper, or vintage paper.
* 2 'letter' size sheets of musical and romantic (roses) clip art images - to be used to decorate your journal how you wish (19 images) printed high quality, on matte photo paper.
* 6 .png files - text/journal writing pages, with lines. 5 with images, one with just lines. For printing onto 6" x 4" blank index cards - print as many as you wish, so that you can have writing pages in your journal. These files will either be sent on CD, or emailed to you.

Please allow for miscounting. You will get extras which will more than make up if I'm short on my count. :)

I'll include suggestions on how to complete your journal - it's simple enough. You just need a hole punch and circular binder rings - but also other suggestions.

A lot of time went into disassembling the Beethoven book, selecting images, printing them, creating the graphics, and choosing the images, and content, as well as putting it all together. And while this is one of 7 I have put together, each is totally different and unique. Made even more unique by your personal touches and assembly.

... so ... sketch, paint, write, enjoy and be inspired by the pages to your heart's content.

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