Sunday, November 17, 2013

Newly created - Printable download - product packaging, party or favor box Pink Paris French theme.

Boy, this was fun to design. Maybe the start of many more to come. Unique designs by artist, Jillian Crider.

Offered as an instant download on my DreamyPapers store on Etsy. A neat little cube box. Approximately 2" in size. Using pink, and vintage Eiffel tower French postage stamp, vintage post marks from France. Fleur de lis. Print time and time again - use for crafts, products, gifts, wedding favors, party favor boxes and more.

You can put all kinds of goodies inside, great for wedding favors, especially if you have a French/Pink theme. You can use a piece of stiff foam in the bottom, and put a truffle inside, or maybe a folded concertina personal photo strip of the happy couple (I can help you with this, too). Great for Etsy products - jewelry, beads, sculpture, and more - can you imagine how excited your customer would be to open up their purchase in such wonderful packaging. Shred some pink tissue paper to help pack the item inside.

A touch of whimsy. A touch of vintage. Just the right mix to fit your desire.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sharing my 2 latest collage Halloween themed art cards.

These are my 11th and 12th ACEO for Halloween. I have such fun creating these. The backing on the art card is a vintage Poe book from 1971. The old handwriting behind the transparency is from the turn of the 19-20th century - over 100 years old. The bat paper is old, too, though the printing of bats is current. I've added brads, then whatever seemed to pique my creativity to embellish and enhance these.
In particular it was fun to shrink down an old dictionary page, and use the image to put black cats on, then print and turn it all into a bunting/banner for the little girl witch art card.

I'm offering them for sale on eBay only at the moment. Why not check them out?
You'll find my Halloween listings HERE.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Halloween original collaged ACEO art cards ...

Number 7-10 in a series. ACEO Halloween theme using unique papers, and vintage images. Some pages are over 100 years old, handwritten, and all are on a Poe book from the early 1970s. Original collages art cards. These are listed by me - artistjillian on eBay.  But thought you might like to see my collages using digital images.

Check out my Halloween listings HERE.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Santas in Red - printable download sheet - Vintage images.

Carefully selected from my collection of vintage Victorian images. I selected Santa only dressed in red. A wonderful tool for creatives to make your favorite Christmas items. Fabulous Santas in 1x3" format. Perfect for many arts and crafts. Listed for the very first time, today.

Available as an instant download printable sheet containing 21 unique images, on Etsy in my printable sheet download section of my store - HERE.

In time for Christmas - angel images - instant digital download sheet

It takes me hours to put these together from all kinds of sources. But love the idea of the creations that can be made by other creative people, using them. These are gorgeous Christmas angels in 1x3" format. Perfect for many arts and crafts. Listed for the very first time, today.

Available as an instant download printable sheet containing 21 unique images, on Etsy in my printable sheet download section of my store - HERE.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some of my Halloween ACEO art card collages.

I thought I'd share this - my personal artwork - but using items available from 'Dreamy Papers' or available by request, you can create similar works... Hope these serve to inspire you in your artistic creations.

Numbering my ACEO art cards was up to a number ending in 13, so instead of creating one ACEO with that number I am doing a mini series of Halloween original collage art cards.
I've completed the first 6 in this series, and not sure how many I'll continue doing, the elements used are the same, but the look is different for each. 

I use a page from a 1971 Edgar Allan Poe book, bats printed onto a very old book page, part of a ledger with handwriting over 100 years old. Vintage and antique images of Halloween themes printed onto a transparency, which is secured with metal brad shapes.

I then add a few elements that seem 'appropriate' for that particular image - these included antique and specialty papers, real leaves, and other things that just seem to 'fit'.

Fun to do.

I'm listing them on eBay - so you can see my Halloween art offerings HERE.
Or else view ALL my eBay art listings HERE.

Monday, September 23, 2013

For your boudoir perhaps, m'lady?

A vintage old page from a dictionary with corsets on it inspired me to print an old Victorian illustration image of a woman and corset.

But it also inspired me to take it a little further. I embellished the printed page with two heart shapes that have Victorian pink roses on them, and further with a scalloped shape with another lady in a corset - this time in the color red.

This paper is from 1902, and is a genuine page out of a ledger, handwritten, and includes a purchase of a box of snuff. Around this shape, I decided to enhance with watercolor.

Altogether a pretty, romantic image for someone's boudoir. Yours perhaps?
OOAK - one-of-a-kind

Thursday, September 19, 2013

6th OOAK Art Journal /Sketchbook for sale: Butterfly theme.

Artist Art Journal Sketchbook Diary 4x6 - Unique, OOAK. Butterfly Inspirational images throughout. I started it - you finish it and make it your own. Butterfly by DreamyPapers, $15.95 This is my 6th journal in this series.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kit to create your own art journal - Butterfly theme - printable downloads

Newly created, and now sharing - printable pages for you to start your own art journal (8 images - 4 sheets) - 4x6 unique and gorgeous butterfly images as pages by DreamyPapers, $3.50 on Etsy - 

making the world lovelier, one image at a time ...

Downloadable as 4 printable pages as a kit to start or add to a 4x6 art journal. It includes vintage papers that are over 100 years old, and handwritten. I created them for one of my themed recycled art journal sketchbooks, and now make a few of the interior papers available for your dream book!

I love to provide creative images that inspire others to use as inspiration to add their personal touch.

... sketch, paint, write, enjoy the images to your heart's content. Add more pages, to complete your journal - lined pages, sketch paper, watercolor paper, recycled papers, envelopes and more - 4x6" is a super neat size for a journal that you can take with you for inspiration - and when creative moments hit.

More themes - kits and full journals to come.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Custom OOAK art journal - lighthouse theme.

This is another recycled/mixed media 4x6" art journal - images, writing pages, sketch pages, and watercolor paper. Many papers are unique, and OOAK. Images collected and selected and put together in this journal. The cover shows vintage images, and although not of lighthouses, it shows how much lighthouses were valued - angels to the ship captain lost in a storm.

This journal was done by private request, so it's not available to purchase. Images are old and new, papers are old and new. Some papers are over 100 years old. A fun journal, for sure!

Do you have a favorite theme?

My very first "Website Exclusive" on Dreamy Papers Website:

One dozen x ACEO/ATC/Wallet Clear frames 2.5" x 3.5" - just $10 - with free shipping in US. Displays art cards unobstructed, and with the option to display vertically and/or horizontally! 

Great for art shows, galleries, etc. Website exclusives - -

Sunday, September 1, 2013

New ACEO printable background download - Vintage images little girls.

Well this was fun to make. Took me quite a while choosing these. The background is from a book inside cover from 1884 - a catalog from Chicago. It includes some penciled handwriting from that time, where it had been adhered to the cover, then torn off. Adding to the vintage feel.

What was fun was working on the background 'blank', to make up something that someone would possibly create. Available as an instant download!

Friday, August 30, 2013

ATC / ACEO Display or Gifting Idea.

This is one of those times that carrying a playing card around with me, paid off. This paper-mache ornament is a great size for displaying or gifting an ATC/ACEO. I saw these in Michaels Craft Stores around Christmas time one year.

Paint, collage, or decorate the ornament anyway your heart desires. Add some 'bling' - maybe sparkling rhinestones around the edges. Then use photo corners to attach the card to the surface. Or you may find other creative ways - there are all manner of clips and other items to use - miniature clothes pegs, or butterfly clips, for instance.

Monday, August 12, 2013

French cards with etching from 1710

I love finding 'treasures'. Over the weekend I came across these wonderful cards (4) from Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris/Cologne. They have prints attached to the front of them that are hand colored, and the image dates from 1710. 

Attributed to Janvier Ianuarius Gennaio - from a series of allegorical representations of the months. The cards are obviously quite old, but in fabulous condition.

Available to you, on Etsy in the Dreamy Papers shop.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Creative use of Printable Images - Vintage Beach Bathing Belles

I was wonderfully surprised today when I found that Linda Coughlin of The Funkie Junkie had used some of Dreamy Papers OOAK printable image sheets from the Etsy store for her project on her inspirational blog: 
Check out this blog for some terrific ideas, and for details on how this project was constructed. It's definitely a great blog to subscribe to!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Unique, recycled papers. Horse-themed artist's art journal/sketchbook.

I listed this on Etsy. 4th in my series of recycled papers made into artist's art journals/sketchbooks, this one themed with horses. I ran some errands, and came back to find it sold already.

Still, I'm proud of it, and love it myself, so I'm sharing it with you. Hope you'll check out all the images on the listing.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Art Journal/Sketchbook - OOAK - Wildlife Themed. Recycled ephemera.

Number 3: I started an art journal/sketchbook for someone else to finish. Made of recycled inspirational WILDLIFE (wild animals) in art, recycled papers, lined papers for journal/writing, art papers for sketching/painting. 4x6". 

This is 3rd in my series. Handmade. Unique. Fun!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Women in Art" inspiration. OOAK Dreamy Papers. Artist sketchbook, art journal. Recycled ephemera.

My first one sold. This is my second in this 'series'. Made especially for other artists. I started it - you 'complete' it ... an Artist's Art Journal.

Sketchbook & Journal/Diary 4x6". Inspirational - recycled and new papers - collage paintings and drawings of women - images from art magazines + many extras and surprises + ACEO blanks.

Add or remove pages, depending on your mood or need. Store notes and ideas and sketches/paintings all in one place!

Available on Etsy, or contact me for a custom journal. More OOAK books to come. Dreamy Papers

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dreamy Papers - OOAK - artist sketchbook, art journal, and more. Recycled ephemera.

I made this, especially for other artists. I started it - you 'complete' it ... an Artist's Art Journal

Sketchbook & Journal/Diary 4x6". Inspirational - recycled and new papers collage flower images from art magazines + many extras and surprises + ACEO blanks.

Add or remove pages, depending on your mood or need. Store notes and ideas and sketches/paintings all in one place!

Available on Etsy, or contact me for a custom journal. Other books to come. Dreamy Papers

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dreamy papers - ephemera, scrapbooking, collages, art journals and more.

Today 2 more digital printable downloads were made available on Etsy. They feature beautiful women from ages gone by. The format is round 1" - perfect for bottle caps or so many other things.