Monday, July 29, 2013

Unique, recycled papers. Horse-themed artist's art journal/sketchbook.

I listed this on Etsy. 4th in my series of recycled papers made into artist's art journals/sketchbooks, this one themed with horses. I ran some errands, and came back to find it sold already.

Still, I'm proud of it, and love it myself, so I'm sharing it with you. Hope you'll check out all the images on the listing.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Art Journal/Sketchbook - OOAK - Wildlife Themed. Recycled ephemera.

Number 3: I started an art journal/sketchbook for someone else to finish. Made of recycled inspirational WILDLIFE (wild animals) in art, recycled papers, lined papers for journal/writing, art papers for sketching/painting. 4x6". 

This is 3rd in my series. Handmade. Unique. Fun!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Women in Art" inspiration. OOAK Dreamy Papers. Artist sketchbook, art journal. Recycled ephemera.

My first one sold. This is my second in this 'series'. Made especially for other artists. I started it - you 'complete' it ... an Artist's Art Journal.

Sketchbook & Journal/Diary 4x6". Inspirational - recycled and new papers - collage paintings and drawings of women - images from art magazines + many extras and surprises + ACEO blanks.

Add or remove pages, depending on your mood or need. Store notes and ideas and sketches/paintings all in one place!

Available on Etsy, or contact me for a custom journal. More OOAK books to come. Dreamy Papers