Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Large 'cupcake' box - instant digital download. Pink, French, Paris, theme.
So many people liked my little favor box with a French theme, I was inspired to offer it in a larger size.

It is provided as an instant digital download - so you can print as many as you like for personal use, or even commercial use (as long as the pattern itself is not part of the commercial use). Great for party themes, or maybe even weddings.
This box is 3.5" and the box comes in 2 parts. Instructions for assembly is on my DreamyPapers ( website. 

I hope to do some more themes in the future, or maybe you'd like to see one from your suggestion?

Tips/suggestions on displaying art in your rooms.

Art adds SO much character and adds interest to one's decor.

A few years back I decked all my walls full of art. Some were from floor to ceiling. Some were my art pieces, but it included others' work, too.
I loved to look up and see it. It gave me a lot of joy.

But even more amazing, my visitors loved it. People would come in and go directly to my walls, and conversations would start up. Even people that were usually not interested in art were attracted to it.
While one large artwork over a sofa might be asthetically pleasing, maybe my ideas of collecting and displaying art might be a lovely alternative for some.
This is some of my art as displayed in my apartment a few years back. A SFA (Small Format Art - search on SFA to discover more online) watercolor 5x7" of a Royal Doulton teacup with pink roses. There is an ACEO (2.5x3.5" - search on ACEO to discover more online) on top of the china cabinet, too. And a 12x36" acrylic on canvas of music artist "Sammy Blue" (google him to check his work), a friend of mine.
Original art is OOAK - only one of a kind. If you want to be unique, this is a wonderful way to go. Great works can be found online - I'm sure you can find some to fit YOUR budget.

Happy collecting and decorating. Enjoy!