Sunday, March 29, 2015

How I made my latest collage creation - "Bird on a Wire"

This is new, and somewhat different for me. It's taken me a while to work on it, mainly trying to get all the elements together and perfect. I did have the beeswax on too thick, and finally found my heat gun and took a chance to work on it, and it worked really well! YAY!

SFA - Original collage with beeswax, original photo(s), old papers, and skeleton leaves. On Etsy. 4.5x4.5" for those who love birds and nature/natural things.


I used a wooden craft frame I bought from Michaels. It had a line animal artwork on it - for coloring in. Instead I painted it with acrylic - took several coats - cream. I then cut up my 2 photos. The landscape from where the bird was, and stuck that on the insert used in the frame (usually you'd put a photo or art here).

Then carefully cut out around my bird on the wire photo. I tore out some vintage paper from my collection and stuck that on the right with 'Yes' glue. The words from old book were printed on transparent acetate (from Office store), coated in acrylic gel, then brayered onto the surface of the frame. Left it a while then lifted off the acrylic and the writing stayed behind, transferred in the gel.  I stuck my photo on, and finished up using skeleton leaves (real leaves - available in embellishments in craft stores). I then heated beeswax, and coated all for a muted and transparent look. Added a hanger to the back. That's it. :) Fun to make, and I'm rather fond of the 'natural' look to it.


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