Monday, September 1, 2014

Inspiration for journal page, scrapbooking, greeting card - how-to. antique photo & pages.

I was wanting to use one of my antique German pages from the packs I'm offering on Etsy (, to make a journal page, or one that might be used for a greeting card or scrapbooking.

Cardstock or journal/scrapbooking page (light brown)
Antique book page
Vintage photo image - sepia
Vintage floral image
Vintage German handwritten text image
Transparency film (available at office supply stores - or computer)
Computer printer

Print vintage German handwritten text using your computer printer onto cardstock page. Tear a ragged edge to the antique book page, leaving a corner intact. Glue this in desired position on the cardstock page. Print the vintage photo image onto glossy photo paper. Cut off excess border so just photo remains. Glue this on top of the antique book page shape. Print the floral image onto the transparency film. Use small curved scissors to cut around the shape - no sharp edges. I didn't cut up close to the image - I left about 1/8" clear area away from the printed image. I then adhered this where desired on the page.
I can see so much potential for this. I love that the image was toned down by the brown paper, and adds to the 'aged' look.

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