Thursday, September 18, 2014

For me this is THE BEST EVER CRAFT STORAGE system!

I invested in plastic drawer storage systems and filing boxes and cabinets, but being on Pinterest set my mind turning. As my filing systems were not filling any of my needs for arts and crafts.

I saw the hanging systems with ziplock bags and thought that this would work. But didn't want to be drilling holes or buying any new 'furniture' - if such furniture existed that would 'house' a hanging system. I worked out that I could stack crates, as many as I liked, or just put one crate on one worktop, dresser, or desk. Hence it would make my storage 'portable' - which it certainly wasn't with all the plastic drawers.

I bought a wooden crate from Michaels with a coupon. Then bought a curtain tension spring rod from Target. Once I fitted the rod in, I knew I was in business! It wasn't until I started filling my zip-top plastic bags with embellishments and papers, I thought of other ways to maximize this 'filing' system.

The hanging system I wasn't to sure of at first, but what I chose was perfect and inexpensive. 2 mini clips with a wire loop made from a heavy-duty Christmas ornament hanger. I clip the 2nd side on the bag when I hang them, and unclip one side to take it down. Because it's a loop, rather than a hook.

Nothing can fall off unexpectedly. I have a label, showing what is inside, but it's so easy to see what is there anyway. What will be great is being able to see when supplies are running out! You can color code the bag edges, or put a mini clip (color coded) to identify priority or project elements. If you are using things for a project. Say 8 bags - just clip them together - keeps everything close at hand and easy to find, and won't tip or spill out!

I found with drawer and boxed containers, sometimes things would tip or spill. In fact, that was a common happening. I also would think I was out of something, only to find it later. This system offers so much visibility! If you're going to a workshop or class, you can easily clip your bags of goodies together for convenient transporting. I might put dividers on the hanging rods, too, so I can keep sections together - e.g. brads, buttons, stickers. It may not work for you, but for me it is perfect.

Already I have gained SO much space, discovered so many 'lost' supplies, and been able to work easier and more effectively. The video of this is on YouTube:

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