Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New print of my original watercolor painting of pink rose teacup on old book page.

I've offered prints on old book pages in my Etsy store before, as well as currently. But this is a first.

I was thinking how much I love teacups, especially those with pink roses, and then thinking how popular prints of my watercolor of one has been. I had an old book from 1876 nearby, and was thinking of printing on the pages of it. And from there, this became my new creation (using my own art for printing onto old book pages).

It would be great for a feminine themed area, tea shop / cafe, or would suit shabby chic decor.

The book has some wonderful old quotations from Victorian times. Did people ACTUALLY talk like this - thee, and thoust, etc.? This is the real thing - you get the book page with the print on it. If it sells, I may offer more - just on different pages, of course.

Available on Etsy in my "Dreamy Papers" store.


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  2. Way to be resourceful! A lot of artists found in Saatchi are fond of using old book pages and magazines as their canvas. It's a proactive way to be eco-friendly and creative. Plus, the teacup painting suited the vintage look so well. I'm glad you thought of using it!

    Tara Barrett @ BlissFull Living Studio